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My Vision in Photos

Experts say that when a person takes a photograph becomes a storyteller. Perhaps many fans like me, we are not aware of it, but every time we press the shutter to get a visual, we act because something moves us and want to share. So I decided to take photography seriously and use this space to unleash my creativity and try to illustrate my day to day adventures, trips, tours and other events.

About me

I am a Software engineer, who loves making photographs and traveling. So I consider myself a hobbyist photographer. My camera has taught my eyes to look, to peer into small places, to absorb the sights around me. Here I share my Daily, Travel, Thematic and Personal projects with you.
If you want to use any pictures displayed here (except for printing or any activity for profit), I just ask you to you give me the proper credit if it is for use on the Internet and has a link of my website. Also, if you appear in a photo and you want me to remove it or to send it to you, do not hesitate to notify me.

Thanks for exploring my galleries, I hope you like and enjoy them. You can comment and rate each photo or sign the Guestbook below.

Photography Services

If you're interested in a photography session or event, or maybe to give a photography gift, I could help you keeping those special moments with some creative work for:

  • Portraits (indoors | outdoors)
  • Family | Couples | Group Photos
  • Events | Parties
  • Sports


Do you want to enhance your photography knowledge? If your are a beginning photo editor and dreamed of making your images pop, I can get you started. Just contact me and will tell how I work, which software do I use and what do I charge, then we can discuss your needs via email to see if this is something you'd like to do.

Contact Form

If you wish to contact me, the easy way is just to drop me an email to: . I manage this email in real-time and usually I answer pretty quickly. Anyway, if you are more comfortable, you can contact me using the form below.

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